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How to Distinguish Between High-quality and Low-quality DC Fans?

How to Distinguish Between High-quality and Low-quality DC Fans?

Electronic cooling fans include DC fans and AC fans. Today we briefly talk about DC fans.

Many manufacturers do not know how to choose when choosing a DC cooling fan. Generally, they just find a few more suppliers, take a sample to test whether it can be rotated, and then make a choice based on the price factor. But it is wrong to choose a DC cooling fan only with price as a reference factor, so how should we distinguish the quality of the DC cooling fans?

Ⅰ. Look at the current of the DC cooling fans

Under the conditions of the same speed, the same voltage and the same air volume. A DC cooling fan with a lower current is better. Because the smaller the current, the smaller the fan loss, that is, the smaller the power consumption. The main reasons for low power consumption include:

1. The product has strong magnetic permeability;

2. The motor enameled wire loss is small;

3. High copper content;

4. Lubricating oil has high activity.

Ⅱ. Listen to the noise of the DC cooling fans

The same speed, the same voltage, the smaller the noise, the better the DC cooling fan, because the noise is mainly related to the fan blades, bearings, oil, assembly structure, etc.

1. The better the blade shape of the DC cooling fan is designed, the larger the air volume, the lower the noise. This is a very test of the ability of technicians.

2. The higher the bearing precision of the DC cooling fan, the smaller the friction with the shaft center, the more accurate the size matching, and the lower the noise, which has a great relationship with the material of the bearing.

3. Low noise means less friction, longer life of bearings and shafts, and longer life of DC cooling fans.

Ⅲ. Measure the vibration of the DC cooling fan

A DC cooling fan of the same specification and speed is better if it has less vibration. The DC cooling fan is a part that runs at a high speed, and vibration will definitely exist. The smaller the vibration, the smoother the operation of the DC cooling fan, and the greater the loss of the bearing and shaft core. It will also reduce the volatilization of oil and the wear of the balls, and the service life will be longer.

The above are some of the criteria for judging the quality of DC cooling fans that we have summarized, hoping to help you.

As a cooling fan manufacturer, we are supported by our own professional R&D team and have rich experience in the field of cooling. Since the establishment of the company, the business has maintained stable development. The main business focuses on the modular design of DC cooling fans, covering different products such as computers, power supplies, communications, home appliances, and auto parts. System OEM/ODM collaborative manufacturing. The company has passed and strictly in accordance with ISO9001, IATF16949 system management, products have passed SGS/UL/CE and other international certification. If necessary, welcome to consult.

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