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Maintenance and Use Precautions of DC Cooling Fan

Maintenance and Use Precautions of DC Cooling Fan

In life, the vast majority of electronic cooling fans are used in chassis cabinets, auto parts and so on. The cooling fan is composed of fan frame, fan impeller, system motor and other components. The key role is to dissipate the calories caused by the work of mechanical equipment and prevent damage to mechanical equipment.

The DC cooling fan is to prevent damage to other mechanical equipment, and people should also maintain the cooling fan regularly. So what protection methods must people do in routine work?

1. Daily maintenance of electronic cooling fan

Check the installation of the fan before work, and see if there is any looseness, so as to avoid damage during high-speed rotation. The nearby natural environment has a great impact on the fan. Is there any dust accumulation around, whether there are sundries, and whether the gas is too damp. If it is too damp, you should take specific measures for waterproofing and moisture-proofing before using it.

Furthermore, the working voltage must be stable, and short-circuit problems should not occur frequently, which will affect production efficiency and service life. Listen to whether there is any sound when working, and if so, stop the work of the fan in time for inspection.

After doing the above points, the cooling fan can work normally. Usually, the maintenance of the DC cooling fan is to save the cost of its own mechanical equipment.

2. Precautions for the use of electronic cooling fan

(1) Do not touch the blades and the power cord around the DC cooling fan or pull the power cord forcibly. Doing so will damage the shaft and power cord.

(2) Please avoid the entry of dust, water droplets and small insects, which will affect the life and produce defective products.

(3) Do not use in flammable gas and any harmful environment.

(4) Do not use the DC cooling fan in a high temperature environment higher than 85°C. If the fan is used in a high temperature environment higher than 85°C, it will cause the fan to deform and affect its performance.

(5) Please use the oil-containing fan within six months. Long-term storage will affect the performance of the DC cooling fan due to the storage environment.

(6) When the fan is running, do not attempt to lock the fan for a long time. This will cause the fan to burn out due to the continuous stoppage and high heat generation.

(7) When installing the fan, please pay special attention to the noise caused by resonance or vibration.

(8)During transportation or operation, if the electronic cooling fan falls from a height of 1500px, it will have some effects on the balance of the blades, especially the ball bearing to avoid falling.

(9) The screw torque of the lock shell shall not exceed 4Kgf. Please do not use screwdrivers, iron bars, etc. to block the fan. This will damage the fan.

(10) Please note that the fan will hurt your fingers when running at high speed if you get too close to it.

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